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Friday, February 28, 2014

Anthony Says You’re Great Humanitarians - Prove Him Right (again)

Hey, You Great Humanitarians!

Today’s a big day at Benevolent. Today and tomorrow we’re closing out our biggest-ever matching grant and striving to help the ten people whose needs with expire if we don’t get them completely funded by midnight tomorrow.

Alicia is a mom who’s in school to be a nurse and needs a laptop to help her make it through school so she can support her three daughters for life.

Robert got out of prison recently and is ready to turn his life around and be a great dad and grandpa. He needs to get ahold of his citizenship papers so he can apply for jobs and step up.

and her husband fled persecution in Honduras and need beds to help their daughters settle in and head out to school in their new home in the U.S.

You give $30 and the need gets $60. It could not be more simple and wonderful. Help us make this first big match a success and demonstrate the power of the Benevolent community.

So what’s up with the Great Humanitarians thing? Read this AMAZING note from a recipient, Anthony, who wanted to be sure that all of us know what a difference we make when we help:

Words are not enough to express how extremely grateful, humbled and happy I am at this moment! Now that this need has been met, I am confident that I will be able to advance in my career and training going forward. This just reassures my faith in humanity and that there are some truly beautiful people and wonderful organizations in the world that will lend their resources, time and attention to those who might be a little less fortunate and for that I sincerely give thanks. A special thank you to ALL OF THE 18 DONORS that helped me achieve my goal and a SUPER SPECIAL THANK YOU to the donors who contacted me with such hope, motivation and well wishes to me and my journey. You all are so loved and blessed. Keep up the great works and deeds you mighty humanitarians! Many, Many Blessings.” - Anthony

- megan kashner
 founder & ceo