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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Luxury of Choice - A Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just behind us, I have found myself reflecting this week on how thankful I am for the luxury of choice. I can choose to take a new path, choose so many things afforded to me by - among other things - my education.

There has been a great deal of focus in the past few years on the quality of our educational systems, the qualifications of our country's teachers, and the supports and structures necessary to create the optimal learning environment.

Less focus has been placed on what happens after our learners are out of high school, about the attainment of higher education and training, about adult returning learners, those who started college but never finished because life got in the way. We see many of these "some college" adults in the Benevolent community. They left their educational paths behind because of money, parenting, family illness, job changes, and more. Today, these “some college” adults are seeking employment, education, housing, and more.

When I think about choice, I start thinking about the members of the Benevolent community who are ready to commit to their choices, their aspirations, the pursuit of their goals. I think about the barriers that stand in their way as well as the opportunities that lie before them.

For those reading this post who have achieved their college degrees, have landed those professional positions, have attained the luxury of choice, I wonder if each of us can recall a moment (or several) along our paths at which we would have had to drop out or settle for less than reaching for our goals if it had not been for someone helping us past a hurdle.

In this week after Thanksgiving, I find myself thankful for the education I’ve had the fortune to receive and wish the same and more for our Benevolent community members.

- Megan Kashner, Founder & CEO

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