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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year’s Resolution – Not a "Should" but a "Must"

The new year is approaching. I’ve vowed to work out three times a week. We’ll see how that goes. When we look at the people whose needs are posted on the Benevolent site, though, we get to see resolutions for the new year through a very different lens. As always, find these needs and help those seeking to meet them at www.benevolent.net.

The Benevolent members whose needs we see on the site this week are not talking about exercise, home improvement projects, or getting around to writing the great American novel. They have make-or-break goals for the coming year.

Al, who is seeking help in purchasing a tuxedo shirt, bowtie, vest and shoes so he can get a job with a banquet company, puts things very clearly as he explains that his housing subsidy will run out in February:

“I worked my way up from nothing. I gotta keep going.”

Alejandra, whose husband left her and their kids 6 months ago and whose need for a sewing machine was just met through Benevolent donors says:

“Now it is up to me and I must find work as soon as possible.”

Sierra, who has worked for the same shoe store for seven years and makes enough for rent and utilities, asks for help in the form of new clothes for her children. Here is Sierra’s larger goal:

“I would like us to be able to live comfortably without worries and stresses every week -- to have our basic needs met.”

It’s the “gotta,” and the “it is up to me” and the drive to meet basic needs like housing, income, and clothing that put these resolutions on a stage of their own. None of these individuals has the luxury of “should” this new year; each of them has a clear plan and path forward.

My real resolution is not about working out three times a week. That’s a “should” goal.

My “must” resolution is to meet the needs of the determined men and women who share their resolve, their drive, and their stories with us and who give us the opportunity to partner with them in reaching their goals.

I hope you’re in on that resolution with me, because it won’t work without you. We must have your help.

- megan kashner, founder & ceo

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