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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Transformers: The Gift-Giving Solution

This holiday season, here at Benevolent, we hope to set a new tradition together with all of you - that our holiday gifts will continue to give beyond the holiday season.

In the last weeks before the holidays, the focus is on gift-giving. There’s nothing wrong with that, but today I want to extend that focus to well beyond the holiday season. I want our gifts to have change-making power.

The new year inspires many of us to pursue goals and make positive changes in our lives. The individuals whose needs we’re seeing on the Benevolent site embody that desire to move forward and make change.

Christina wants to go to school to be a Pharmacy Technician.

Alejandra seeks an industrial sewing machine so that she can work at her trade.

Luis needs eyeglasses so that he can study for his GED and continue his education.

These are just some of the needs we’ve got posted. Others reflect some basic medical needs that are critical and nearly impossible to access, like dental care. Unfulfilled, they can hold someone back from making any progress.

When I think about the new year, I’m overwhelmed to know that Christina has already received the support she asked for to get trained as a pharmacy technician and that Luis is well on his way to getting his eye exam and glasses. I’m hoping that Alejandra gets the support she needs to have the right sewing machine to start to work in her trade. If we can accomplish that in time for her celebration of Christmas, I’ll be overjoyed.

Gifts through the Benevolent site this season will have an impact far beyond this month. Your gift this holiday season will make you part of the solution.

Getting to transform someone’s life… that is our holiday gift.

- megan kashner, founder & ceo

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